Suzanne the Magician

Suzanne the Magician

Suzanne the Magician

My dear friend Suzanne the Magician is back in town. She did a performance in San Diego, last night, and is now here in Los Angeles to star in the early Close-Up Gallery beginning tonight through Sunday.

Suzanne is a wonderful performer, and an all-around splendid lady. She lives in Minneapolis with her husband Louis, and son Ian. She is a full-time magician, and a busy one at that. Her mentor is a great magician and magical creator, Al Schneider.

The members of Hollywood’s world-famous Magic Castle and the Academy of Magical Arts have honored Suzanne by choosing her as Close-Up Magician of the Year for 2010.  The award ceremony was held on April 10, 2011 at the Avalon Theater in Hollywood. Suzanne is the first woman magician ever to be nominated for this award, and also the first to win it.

She has recently been on the cover of two international magic magazines.


Suzanne the Magician
Suzanne on the cover of Genii

Suzanne’s website is:

You can see video of Suzanne’s magic here:

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