Fire at the Magic Castle!

Sophie Evans

The Magic Castle will be closed tonight, Halloween, because of a fire in the attic.

The fire started at 12:35 pm this afternoon, and was put out in just over an hour. No one was hurt, and the fire is out. The Magic Castle is okay with only superficial and water damage to the attic. The Castle will be closed tonight until the damage can be assessed. It will re-0pen as soon as possible.

More information is available here:

Sophie Evans has been performing all this past week with her amazing fire magic act and fire-eating in the Palace of Mystery–part of our Inferno at the Magic Castle Halloween week theme, and unfortunately will not be able to perform her last shows tonight.

Sophie, of course, denies any involvement in this unfortunate affair, and she looks perfectly innocent to me…

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  1. We felt the heat all the way up here in Edmonton, Alberta. I talked with the other side today and learned that Houdini is tired of all the atempts to contact him, he wants to be left alone so he can rest in pease. This was just a warning blaze.


  2. I am so grateful someone caught the fire in time. Kudos to the person(s) who noticed the fire in time. It’s times like this that we can fully appreciate what the Magic Castle is all about and the pleasure that it gives to so many.

    Jeff Smith
    The Soapy Smith Preservation Trust


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