Pop Haydn at Santa Clarita

This video is from the 2011 Cowboy Festival. I have performed at this festival since 2005. Magill and I love it and always have a great time.

I will be appearing once again at the Santa Clarita Cowboy Festival held this coming year on April 19 – 22, 2012 at Melody Ranch Movie Studio.

I will be performing just on Saturday and Sunday at the Medicine Show Stage, along with Professor Dave Bourne and the incredible John Reynolds. I will be doing some magic and pitching the Amazing Miracle Oil.

It is a wonderful festival, with lots to see and do. It is great for the kids, with farriers, leathersmiths, rope spinners, campfire cooks, and other demonstrations of the skills of the range, as well as cowboy poetry readings, and lots and lots of cowboy music. There is great food to eat, and the ambience is wonderful–it is the set of the HBO show Deadwood. It is a wonderful place to come dressed up in Old West duds and take photos. Steampunk is welcome.

Pop at Melody Ranch

Pop Haydn at Melody Ranch

Karin McKechnie, Pop Haydn, Jan Harness at Melody Ranch

Karin McKechnie, Pop Haydn, Jan Harness at Melody Ranch

For more information about the Santa Clarita Cowboy Festival, go here: http://www.cowboyfestival.org/

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