Tonya Kay with Neil Patrick Harris on the People’s Choice Awards

SaraAnne Fahey, Neil Patrick Harris and Tonya Kay

My friend Tonya Kay, who is a very versatile performer as actress, model, showgirl, dancer, burlesque performer, and knife throwing and whip expert is here on the right, with SaraAnne Fahey and Neil Patrick Harris on the People’s Choice Awards. Tonya performs in a improv sketch with Neil and SaraAnne as a showgirl.

Tonya has a lot of skills, and an interesting career, including playing herself as a comic book hero in.

Tonya is also a leading influencer for the vegan lifestyle.

Here is a video of the sketch on People’s Choice:

More info on the People’s Choice Awards event is here:

Tonya used to have wonderful dreadlocks, which she has just recently cut. I loved the dreads, but this short haired look is great, too.

Congratulations, Tonya! Great work.

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