Living the Pirate Code


PRESS RELEASE For Immediate Release “Living the Pirate Code” Book Launch Coincides with Talk Like a Pirate Day on September 19!

(Mikazuki Publishing News) Sep 4th 2013 – “Living the Pirate Code: The World’s Greatest Pirates” is the newest book published by international book publisher Mikazuki Publishing House. “Living the Pirate Code”(ISBN-13:978-1937981013) is a historical non-fiction that revolves around notorious pirates, their way of life, their battles, and their adventures for gold. Interesting characters are featured such as Mrs.Cheng, a female pirate in China that lead 70,000 pirates is discussed in detail as is Stede Bonnet the world’s first aristocratic pirate.

The popularity of pirates has risen in recent years with the creation of films and toys that sell to pirate lifestyle aficionados. This has caused a rise in the amount of pirate festivals that are being held in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Attendees to pirate festivals range from a few hundred to larger ones that attract thousands of pirate lovers. International Talk Like a Pirate Day is an important annual event for pirate fans held on September 19th and it was originally started by two individuals from America’s Pacific northwest, although it is not an officially recognized holiday.

On September 19th of every year, individuals only speak using pirate lingo. This has spurred many websites on the internet that focused on pirate fans, to have to create an English to Pirate Talk translator for mastering pirate vernacular and social networking sites such as Facebook allow users to set their default language to Pirate English. “Living the Pirate Code”(ISBN-13:978-1937981013) has a retail price of $7.99. For more information visit

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