Talk Like a Pirate, ya lubber, or Shove Off!


International Talk Like a Pirate Day!

From Tim Collier:

Ah, well. Designing pirates for work, and sketched this out as a possible flag for the undead pirate, Razig.

The term “Jolly Roger” is actually from the French, “Jolie Rouge,” or “pretty red (flag)”. At the dawn of the Golden Age of Piracy, there weren’t any skull-and-crossbones banners, so pirates generally flew a solid red flag — the flag for “No Quarter” — no mercy asked, none granted. After a while, captains began to customize their happy red flags with skulls, hourglasses, bleeding hearts, swords, severed heads… Edward Teach (Blackbeard) went so far as to fly a flag depicting himself and Death drinking a toast. And most of the flags, for the sake of visibility, became black. Tadaaah! :ahoy:
This image, although free to use as a wallpaper, is ©2006 Tim Collier. There are shirts and stuff here, and I might even see about printing up some real flags soon… :boogie: So please be kind and respect the copyright, OK? Thankee!

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