Phoenix Aces Video Just Released!

Pop Haydn has just released his new video on Cliff Green’s “Phoenix Aces.”

This is Pop Haydn’s close-up handling of Cliff Green’s amazing parlor effect “The Phoenix Aces.” The Phoenix Aces is mind-blowing sleight of hand that looks like real magic. The spectators can be very close–Pop performs at the table in the Close-Up Gallery and at the bar in the WC Fields Bar of the Magic Castle.

Some of the moves have been modified or replaced by Pop so that the routine can leave the standup and platform world and he can perform this miracle in close-up and bar.

This is a beautiful and amazing routine that can be yours. Pop teaches every element of sleight of hand, psychology and presentation.


Here is a performance video:

Complete Downloadable Video $15:


Order DVD $25:


About Pop Haydn

I am not originally from the 21st Century myself, but have been stuck here by accident--not entirely my fault--with a bunch of other maroons from another very different time and place... Nevertheless, my companions and I love it here and just like everyone else we are just trying to get by in this exciting and progressive era. With a variety show of steampunk-oriented magic, comedy and music, Pop's company entertains and sells a few bottles of Amazing Miracle Oil, Wonder Elixer, or Magnetized Water.

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