Diana the Enchantress

Wonderful overview of the career of an incredible person, my dear friend Diana Zimmerman. I have known her since I first arrived at the Magic Castle. We worked in the Palace of Mystery together many times. I watched her and her then husband, Dick Zimmerman, constantly working on new material.

One of my favorite acts was a wonderful talking straight magic act that featured an excellent thumb tie with a beautiful, very sharp Samurai sword, and the Hydrostatic Glass. Diana had a direct, engaging and forceful personality on stage, and that act highlighted that. She much later did a wonderful pickpocket act that I loved for the same reason.

About Pop Haydn

I am not originally from the 21st Century myself, but have been stuck here by accident--not entirely my fault--with a bunch of other maroons from another very different time and place... Nevertheless, my companions and I love it here and just like everyone else we are just trying to get by in this exciting and progressive era. With a variety show of steampunk-oriented magic, comedy and music, Pop's company entertains and sells a few bottles of Amazing Miracle Oil, Wonder Elixer, or Magnetized Water.

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