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Pop Haydn and the Sphere of Destiny

Pop Haydn & the Sphere of Destiny

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Funny! Fitzgerald Interviews Pop Haydn!

Conlin Collection Claims Forgery as Sphere of Destiny!

Cleopatra's Eye

Courtesy, Conlin Collection, Conlin Galleries

This is a tissue of lies!

Don’t be deceived, folks! This is not the real Sphere of Destiny, and I can prove it!

I am in possession of the true Eye of Cleopatra. It has been under my protection for a long time.

One day I will tell the whole story–a story you won’t find in any history book!

Here is the one, true Sphere of Destiny, and the Conlin Collection is making a huge mistake not to listen to my offer…


Pop Haydn with the Sphere of Destiny


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Sphere of Destiny at “Pop Haydn in the 21st Century!”

Pop Haydn presents the Sphere of Destiny.

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