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Pop Haydn and Sophie Evans at the World Steam Expo

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Pop Haydn and Sophie Evans present a portion of the Pop Haydn Medicine Show at the World Steam Expo in Dearborn, Michigan on Memorial Day weekend. Sophie performed her sexy fire magic act, and Pop did his medicine pitch and demonstrated his Teleportation Device and even contacted the Spirit World, and then Sophie and Pop demonstrated “Tesla Girl,” a new piece featuring a Tesla Coil and an unusual phenomenon that seems to manipulate the forces of Gravity itself. The Law of Gravity isn’t broken, but we bend the heck out of it.

Nancy Magill helped run the technical aspects including the 120,000 volt Tesla Coil.

We were a part of the Midnight Carnival, getting to work with some of our favorite steampunk acts including Frenchy and the Punk, the Bawdy Boys, and the Shock and Awe Sideshow, along with beautiful burlesque vixen Haley Jane. Our dear friend Michael Shea emceed as “Doctor Midnight.”

These photos are courtesy of our friend John Collins at

World Steam Expo, Dearborn, Michigan — Pop Haydn demonstrates the Teleportation Device

My demonstration of my original creation, the Teleportation Device, before the assembled 19th Century ex-patriates at the World Steam Expo in June, 2011:

We met so many wonderful Steampunk people, and many of them also seem to have Time Traveling devices. This is something that would be of interest to some of our friends at Whitehorse Ranch, who aren’t completely happy here in the 21st Century.

We will continue to investigate and attempt to befriend these “steampunk” people.

Miracle Oil Pitch from the World Steam Expo

Here is my Miracle Oil Pitch from the World Steam Expo in Dearborn, MI in June, 2011:

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