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The motto of the GACP:

“In Sanity We Trust!”

First 100 FREE Campaign Kits Shipped!

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Pop Haydn on the Campaign Trail

We have just shipped out the first 100 free campaign kits to our new members of the Greater American Confidence Party!

The Greater American Confidence Party believes in giving people the kind of government they expect, but at a price they can afford.

We are a part of that thin sanity fringe of American politics. You can find out more about our party and my campaign at the GACP International Headquarters: GACP

To join, you only have to sign up for our mailing list HERE.

A Bit of Sanity from T. S. Elliot:

To communicate with Mars, converse with spirits,
To report the behaviour of the sea monster,
Describe the horoscope, haruspicate or scry,
Observe disease in signatures, evoke
Biography from the wrinkles of the palm
And tragedy from fingers; release omens
By sortilege, or tea leaves, riddle the inevitable
With playing cards, fiddle with pentagrams
Or barbituric acids, or dissect
The recurrent image into pre-conscious terrors—
To explore the womb, or tomb, or dreams; all these are usual
Pastimes and drugs, and features of the press:
And always will be, some of them especially
When there is distress of nations and perplexity
Whether on the shores of Asia, or in the Edgware Road.
— T. S. Elliot “Dry Salvages,” Four Quartets

The Scarlett Harlott

Fallon Ellingson, better known as the Scarlett Harlott, was the PyrateCon 2008 Grand Marshal in the Pirate Invasion on Bourbon Street parade!

Karin Mckechnie is the dressmaker for this beautiful outfit, as she was for the one in our last post of the beautiful pirate lass Erika Melody.

By the way, Erika Melody is a make-up artist and model and Fallon Ellingson is her mother. Two lovely, lovely pirates.

Pirate Babe:

Costume by Karin Mckechnie


This wonderful model is Erika Melody, who was Miss May in the Hot Pirate Babes Calendar 2008. I know it is a day late for “Talk Like a Pirate Day,” but I didn’t think I would get any complaints. She is a make-up artist and model, and you can find her page here:

Erika Melody

The costume was made by my dear friend, Karin Mckechnie, who creates fabulous costumes from many eras including Victorian, Steampunk, pirate, Gay Nineties, etc., and for men and women.

Hoorah in Pool Hustling:

“Sometimes the best way to get up a game is to walk in from nowhere and make a preposterous claim about how good you are and aggravate people into challenging you for high stakes. That’s called hoorah. You hoorah someone into playing.”

— John Gollehon, From: A Gambler’s Little Instruction Book

Living cells out of metal?

Fascinating Science Article:

“Scientists trying to create artificial life generally work under the assumption that life must be carbon-based, but what if a living thing could be made from another element?

“One British researcher may have proven that theory, potentially rewriting the book of life. Lee Cronin of the University of Glasgow has created lifelike cells from metal — a feat few believed feasible. The discovery opens the door to the possibility that there may be life forms in the universe not based on carbon, reports New Scientist.

“Even more remarkable, Cronin has hinted that the metal-based cells may be replicating themselves and evolving.
“I am 100 percent positive that we can get evolution to work outside organic biology,” he said.
“The high-functioning “cells” that Cronin has built are constructed from large polyoxometalates derived from a range of metal atoms, like tungsten. He gets them to assemble in bubbly spheres by mixing them in a specialized saline solution, and calls the resultant cell-like structures “inorganic chemical cells,” or iCHELLs.”

More here:

Confidence Party Website:

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The Greater American Confidence Party has a new website. Just click on the picture above, or HERE to be taken there immediately. There you will find out information about this new third party–a virtual party from the sanity fringe of American politics.

Join Pop Haydn, Nancy Magill, Steve Mitchell and all the other Confidence Partiers as we have some fun, and poke fun at the American political process and at our leaders and shakers.

The History Channel?

I remember why I’ve never wanted satellite television.

Quarter! Give us Quarter!

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