Happy Birthday, Champ!

The Champ

Mohammed Ali turns 70 today. Happy Birthday, Champ!

Ali was one of the genuine heros of my generation. I was lucky to perform for him twice, and stole his watch both times. He has wrists like two by fours. He is the type of celebrity that makes me feel weak in the knees just being in his presence. I admire him so much.

“I’m expected to go overseas to help free people in South Vietnam and at the same time my people here are being brutalized; hell no! I would like to say to those of you who think I have lost so much: I have gained everything. I have peace of heart; I have a clear, free conscience. And I am proud. I wake up happy, I go to bed happy, and if I go to jail, I go to jail happy!”    –Muhammed Ali, 1967

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