Magic Castle Back!

Magic Castle Main Dining Room


I went to the Magic Castle Sunday night with Magill and John Collins of Weird Review. Everything is looking great, and everything but the Hat and Hare and Museum was open. That will open on February 6, Burns Night.

The recovery from the Halloween fire at the Magic Castle is moving along well. As you can see by this photo, the place looks even more beautiful than before.

This photo is by my friend and house photographer, Najee Muwwakkil Williams of Hocus Pocus Focus.

Lots more still to be done, but everything looks great. Things are more open and welcoming, and much brighter.

Great job by the staff and by the BoD and BoT!

Special thanks to Neil Patrick Harris, Erika Larsen, West McDonough, Jim Bentley, and also to the maintenance staff.

I look forward to working in the Palace of Mystery Jan 30th–Feb 5th.

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