Pop Haydn in the 21st Century!

Pop Haydn in the 21st Century!

Pop Haydn is coming to Santa Monica March 7th and April 4th!

Pop Haydn in the 21st Century!  is a wonder-filled evening of fun, with good-time music, song, dance, comedy and magic.

Pop Haydn demonstrates his incredible Teleportation Device and he also pitches his Amazing Miracle Oil and his new Magnetized Water–a modern miracle for health and energy!

Pop appears as the great seer–the Diviner of Destiny. He will take time to answer audience questions about the future–about health, love, money and lost objects–with the aid of his magnetically-energized crystal ball.

This show features the sassy song and dance of our Louisiana Songbird  Bonnie Gordon, the fire magic of sultry sorcerer Sophie Evans, and the good-time music of Professor Dave Bourne and the Medicine Show Band.

Pop Haydn presents our intrepid electronaut Tesla Girl, who will bend the very force of gravity itself while immersed in a radio-magnetic field generated on stage by Pop Haydn‘s Tesla C-2000–a highly modified version of a Tesla Coil.

Pop Haydn in the 21st Century!  is a lot of fun and is geared toward an adult audience–but it’s still family-friendly.

Steampunks, time-travelers, dandies and other 19th Century expatriates are welcome–no weapons, please.

The show will be in Santa Monica, California at 8:00 pm in the 150 seat theater at Magicopolis on 4th Street.

There are only 150 seats, so order your tickets in advance so you won’t be disappointed.

Tickets are $29 online, and $34 at the door.

To order tickets for the show click HERE

Or Call: 323-344-8793



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