Help Support This Wonderful Project for Women in Variety

This is from my dear friends Sophie Evans, Stephanie Castellone and Penny Wiggens, please help support this wonderful project for women in variety:

Help Make Our Dreams Come True!

     We, Stephanie Castellone ( amazing contortionist), Sophie Evans (stunning magician and fire eater), Erica Vanlee (gorgeous silk performer as well as burlesque dancer), and myself Penny Wiggins (comedienne and had a thirteen year run with Amazing Johnathan as Psychic Tanya), have decided it was time to take our talents and create our own show! 

     Our dream is to have a successful, all female, variety show on the Las Vegas strip! We envision having people from all over the world coming to see it! Including, adding special guest acts from around the world. 

    We have successfully produced this show twice to sold out audiences. We received standing ovations from audience members after each show. So many people have asked us when we are going to run this show again, because they enjoyed it so much. So finally, we have gathered a few of our closest, most talented, performer friends; and we are very excited to get this show going! 

    The greatest part about this show is that the hostess, Coco Channel (pronounced chan- nell), greets people as they walk up the red carpet. Once you enter the show room, the mood is set with strolling celebrity look a-likes and characters. The show then begins with a surprise opening!

    Opening a show in Las Vegas is expensive and challenging.  Thankfully, we four women have a combined total of over 50 years experience having worked within entertainment. We are quite familiar with the in’s and out’s of this industry. 

    With the support of the hotel/casino, great friends, fellow performers, and people anxious to push ticket sales, this can and will be successful.  However, in order to accomplish our goals we need financial support from you!

    Where is your money going?

             1.  To secure a room in one of the major hotel/casinos in Las Vegas (Money raised will determine the location we choose).

   2.  Advertisement:

                    * Costs to be part of ticketing agencies and box offices

                    * Rack cards for all the different ticket brokers

                    * Advertising: Postcards, flyers, magazine ads, posters, billboards

                    * Graphic designing, website costs

                    * Theater costs: light and sound 

              3.  Show opening costs and down payments

              4.  Legal and accounting fees

              5. Additional insurances

              6. Props and costumes

     These are a small part of the costs in opening and maintaining a show in Las Vegas.  While your help goes without question, we also feel like everyone who helps us is part of our show. And there is no question that your help is actually making come true, an amazing show on the strip that you can be proud of and part of!

     All donations received will come with the rewards shown at the categories listed at the right of this page.

                                    We want you to be part of the experience!  

                                                      Let’s make this happen!

     You can help make so many of our dreams come true! By helping us you can also boast to all your friends and say: “Hey! Look what I helped to create!” Now that’s saying something!

                           This is NOT just another show, this is an experience!! 


Other Ways You Can Help:

     Even if you can only donate a small amount, it helps! Plus, you can also help by posting this link to your Facebook wall, Tweet it, email it, and liking the Shenanigans Facebook page for free!

           “Ability is of little account without opportunity.”  – Lucille Ball


Click here for more info:  She-nanigans

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